If I Knew I Was Going to Have Three Boys, I Would Have Paid More Attention in PE

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Spanning the adolescent years, this chronological series of poignant and humorous stories offers readers a glimpse into the journey of parenting boys with humor and intention.

From Little League to holding a funeral for a pet rat, from a mother/son dinner date to a first crush, you'll get to know each boy and follow their journey. You'll also get to know their mom, who at times feels unprepared and unorganized but reveals the joys, frustrations, and moments of profound insight in her role as a parent.

Amber McClain Shaw's collection of stories about her life raising three boys will both entertain and enlighten anyone with kids, or who was once a kid themselves.


142 pages | 5 x 0.5 x 8 inches | 9798985094206 | October 19, 2021