How to Eat Cereal

Jan 06, 2023 by Amber McClain Shaw, in Blog Posts
My boys left me with a Costco-sized box of Frosted Mini Wheats that they opened but didn’t finish. It’s making me question my sanity. 

I don’t consider myself a particularly fussy person, but Frosted Mini Wheats bring out an intense desire for order, organization and doing things the RIGHT WAY.

I just can’t stand the way they tumble into the bowl all crazy with some of them upside down. I can’t eat them like this. They don’t taste right.

They must all be frosting-up, and each have equal contact with the milk so that after about one minute they have the perfect softened, pillowy underside and the frosting still has a bit of body and crunch.

You need a wide, flat bowl to eat Frosted Mini Wheats properly. This is more important than the kind of milk you use. If you don’t have such a bowl, just eat them dry, like trail mix.

You have to pay attention and not be multitasking, making coffee or feeding the dog. If you leave them too long in your milk of choice, they get soggy and the frosting melts into the milk. They turn into mushy hay. Throw them away and start over.

So you want the recipe? It’s better in the visual format of these photos. It will make more sense. Here you go!